October 1, 2015

Changes + A New Team

So this happened. I'm really excited to get started with the Hip Kit Club team! The kits are beautiful and packed with goodness. You can check out the October kit I'll be working with here.

This is the first of many changes I'm planning to make this year. Sometimes it's hard taking a leap, but I think I need this to grow and stretch. Here's to new beginnings and Hip Kit!

September 30, 2015

Guesting at American Crafts

Today I'm guesting for one of my favorite companies - American Crafts! I love all of their signature designers and bold in-house designs. They do pattern and color really well and that's my favorite thing about this paper crafting thing.

American Crafts | Nancy Damiano

I worked with their brand new Halloween line. It's full of fun patterned washi tapes, buttons, pins, die cuts and party supplies.

American Crafts | Nancy Damiano
For more photos of the layouts, card and party decor, check the American Crafts blog. Hope to see you there!

September 29, 2015

Process Video + Shimelle.com

I’ve been a longtime fan of Shimelle, both as a teacher and all around good bean. She’s passionate about this paper + story thing and I love that.

For my layout I was really inspired by Shimelle's Scrapbooking Colour Schemes with Pink layout. 
The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful color scheme. I love bold pops of color and this layout delivers. I also like linear designs that feature repetition of a shape or element so that’s where I ran with this design.

I have a process video here that walks you through on how to dress up plain wood veneer and create a bold band of repeated shapes. Let me know what you think! I’d love to see what you create.

September 25, 2015

Pinkfresh + Enamel Accents

I love a good, bold statement piece. This veneer heart and enamel heart set by Pinkfresh reminds me of one of those bubble necklaces I could never wear. My neck may be too short to pull the look off, but maybe on paper I could pull it off.
The Paper Orchard | Nancy Damiano

The quadrant design is simple, but I think that the diagonal background keeps it from being too plain. The large wood heart embellishment is balanced out with two 4x4 photos from Disneyland.
The Paper Orchard | Nancy Damiano

A favorite quote from Walt Disney - "Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever" is the journaling starter. I think it wraps up the magic behind the place in just a few short sentences and is the reason why behind the page. We want them to hold to on that part of childhood for as long as we have.

SUPPLIES | Amy Tangerine Paper | Wide Format PrinterWhite Linen Cardstock | Scraptastic Janglin' Kit

The Paper Orchard | Nancy Damiano

September 24, 2015

Project Life + Enamel Dots

I've been working on catching up on summer photos in my project life album. Why is it that we take three times the pictures in those short 100 days of summer?

The reason I stayed away from doing project life for so long is because I hate to have a project that I always feel behind on. So I let go of that and just do a monthly spread (or five) depending on how many photos I have and what I want to say. This is what works for me.
Project Life | Nancy Damiano

I had a handful of 3x3photos but no page protectors with a 3x3 pocket. Hello Fuse tool sealer! I added a row of giant, colorful enamel dots to the bottom of the pockets and then sealed them up with the tool. That created a perfect spot for my 3x3 photos straight in the center.

I like to make what I have on hand work. The Fuse has really helped me to stick with that. It's definitely been cheaper to buy the tool than to buy all different page protectors.

If you're wondering what I did with the other side of this page protector - this is it! You have to remember to plan out both sides when you seal up pockets. It was easy enough to repeat the same design on the opposite side - giant enamel dots back to back and all!

SUPPLIES | Giant Enamel Dots | Fuse Tool | Hooray Chipboard | Ombre Ink Pad | Scraptastic This Life Noted

September 23, 2015

Process Video + Crate Paper

This vacation photo reminds me of one thing. My son’s constant chatter pool side. At 7 years old, it was a chorus “hey mom, look at me, hey mom, look at this.” So while I really wanted to relax and get lost in a book, it wasn’t happening.

I think back to this vacation and remember two things: “hey mom” and the image of his little behind. This picture captures that story.

Crate Paper Poolside Video | Nancy Damiano

The words are definitely the focal point here and so the photo is surrounded by them. Oh, and the flamingos. I love those hard and had to find a way to use them! Take a look at this quick process video to see how it all came together:

Documenting words + photos is at the heart of scrapbooking design for me. This page and stage in my boy’s life is part of the story I want to tell.  And that “look at me” stage? - it has mostly passed just like I knew it would. 

September 21, 2015

Project Life + Kit

I've been doing more and more project life pages since switching over to the 9x12 size. I find the layouts coming together really easily and I love that I can include more photos and still have room for the colorful things.

Pink and with hints of yellow were the theme this time.  The color palette reminds me of the big coral building that make up the Atlantis Resort. That’s what inspired the design here.
TLNAugKitAtlantisI kept this one very simple with a mash up of iPhone photos. The story is about how much we enjoyed our fancy adult dinners. Bobby Flay was amazing!

I like highlighting the words that already come printed on the cards with some of my own. On the title card I added my chipboard title just underneath, some stamping and an enamel dot. So that very flat card became personalized with a few quick mods. I used the July Scraptastic This Life Noted kit to create this page.

SUPPLIES | Hooray Chipboard | Hero Arts Ombre Ink | Scraptastic July Kit

August 20, 2015

Process Video + Scraptastic Kit

Nancy Damiano // The Paper Orchard. Process Video

KIT | Scraptastic July Kit 

STORY |  I made this layout to document a seasonal tradition. At the start of every summer,  I make my  entire family ride the flying swings. Some go more willingly than others. I don’t have to force the kids, it’s the adults that give me lip.


Our first trip to the boardwalk and this ride mark the beginning of the season. This time I was able to capture that tradition with a flying  iPhone shot. Luckily I didn’t lose the phone and captured this great picture of my shoes over the boards. The colors in the photos + the candy colors in the kit went together like PB&J.

VIDEO | Take a look at the video to see how the design process came together:

I was able to highlight my favorite part of the kit – those big, colorful dots. Keeping the design on the clean and linear side compliments the photo + the ‘stuff’.  And that’s where I’m happiest creating.

August 17, 2015

Process Video + Simple Stories

As summer starts to come to a close, I find myself looking through vacation photos and feeling nostalgic. Last year our entire family got together and rented a beach house in Ocean City, Maryland. 8 adults, 3 kids and 2 babies under two in one house. Can you say cray cray? This was my husband's idea of relaxation so I just drank coffee and went with it.

I used the 4x6 SN@P! binder album in a bright, sunny yellow. It's filled with page protectors in 3x4, 4x4, 4x6 (divided) sizes, blank ledger pages and chipboard yellow dividers. 

Take a look at the video to see how it all came together (and please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more inspiration!):

Here's a closeup of some of the details. I used a 4x6 transparence from the Summer Vibes Collection Pack to create a divider. 

These pages came together really quickly. I limited the supplies to chose from and went for a cleaner, but still layered look. The pops of color and fun icon in the line keep it from looking to plain.

Here's to celebrating summer, big family vacations,  and mini albums!

August 7, 2015

My Mind's Eye On Trend + Favorite Eats


COLLECTION | My Mind’s Eye On Trend
STORY BEHIND THE PAGE | I was going through my California trip photos when I came upon this imperfectly perfect shot. I had just enjoyed my favorite meal of the trip, Pollo Fundido at Casa Guadalajara in Old Town, San Diego. This dark photo brought me right back to that time and place. Sitting on the quaint patio with its twinkling lights, fountain and mariachi band playing in the background. Sometimes it those technically not great photos that capture the best, simple memories.
DESIGN |  The On Trend collection by My Mind’s Eye is all about generic stripes and dots with splashes of mint, pink and orange. I chose it because the pale colors set off the very dark photo. It has just the right amount of pop and festive (in the colors and polka dots) to set the stage.
I kept this design very simple with just two major areas of layering. The first is the background made up of vertical strips of patterned paper layered on a horizontal stripe background. Next, a bed of layers to make the photo pop were created with a polka dot transparency, chipboard frame and tag.

SUPPLIES | My Mind's Eye On Trend | Avery Elle Inks | Epson Wide-Formant Printer

August 5, 2015

Scraptastic Kit + Amy Tangerine

Every month as soon as I get my kit, I pick out my favorite things and make it a goal to use them. The first thing I set aside this was the sticker sheet from Amy Tangerine’s Rise and Shine collection. I am not so great with the watercolors so I'm glad that Amy is.

the stuff | scraptastic kit club May kit + Amy Tangerine Rise & Shine


the story | The photo is one I took on vacation last year of my son, niece and nephew. When I wrote the journaling I was looking at the picture and thinking that they are so alike in some ways and yet so different. Is it a personality thing or gender? 

Here’s a closeup of my favorite sticker. I used it almost like a photo corner in the bottom right of the design. It frames out the journaling and creates a diagonal line from the photo.

Cutting up patterned papers and layering them with flair and frames from the kit  draw attention to the photo. It's a pretty bed of layers for the focal point. 

I like all of the elements in this kit. It's not a combination I would naturally gravitate towards and that's exactly why I like kits. They let me stretch creatively (in a good way).

July 27, 2015

Maggie Holmes Confetti + Disneyland

Nancy Damiano | Maggie Holmes Confetti scrapbook page

COLLECTION | Maggie Holmes Confetti + Crate Paper Craft Market

STORY | This family selfie was taken right at the start of our first day at Disneyland. I wanted to remember this perfectly happy moment. Because anyone who has traveled with three kids under 8, knows these moments are fleeting and rare. I wanted to capture that feeling of being excited to get our vacation started – but still stay true to the reality of families and vacations.
DESIGN |  Confetti and Craft Market are a match made in scrapbook heaven. They both have a nice soft feel and neutral patterns that are great for any story you want to tell.
I started the design with a base of patterned paper. I loved this paper so much, I wanted to use it all! I chose my favorite patterns and layered them in a cluster right in the center. To give the photo a little lift, I placed a chipboard frame just underneath. Adding some chipboard to the edges of the frame adds a punch of color and shape to the space.
I love how the bright pink LOVE title stands out from the softer feel of the background. It adds just the right amount of pop to the center of the design.
The final touches include a little diagonal smattering of flair and wood pieces that ground the journaling space.

This was fun to create + a real story I want to remember.

July 23, 2015


COLLECTION | Crate Paper Kiss Kiss
STORY |  This layout started with a favorite picture. A selfie of my husband and I from this past summer. It was a gray, misty morning on the beach and the photo has this dreamy quality to it. That got me to thinking about our impending anniversary and the path that led us to here and now. It’s been good, but this has been no fairytale. I like real stories and real life, so that’s what I journaled about. Some warts, some great things and the sentiment that I would still do it all over again with him.
DESIGN |  I began the layout with the color chip sheet of patterned paper from the 6×6 paper pad. The color gradient and simplicity of the design make it a favorite. From there, I layered a die cut journaling card, some chipboard, stickers and tags to create the center of the layout.

I framed out the photo by using two square chipboard frames in pink and gray. This keeps my photo front and center despite all the layers and embellishments surrounding it. The story is important here so I went with a bold, large title smack in the center. I like how these Thickers are a neutral, white and gray woodgrain and keep the bottom of the layout mostly white.
I’ve been playing with very soft colors lately which is a big change for me. I love the ethereal look of white pages and soft colors. It’s a phase.  I’m sure I’ll be back to my usual bold palettes on the next round of layouts, but for now I’m enjoying it!

July 22, 2015

Elle's Studio Cienna + Paint


COLLECTION | Elle’s Studio Cienna

STORY | Documenting my son’s personality at age nine. Some of his strengths and improvements and things that drive me crazy.:)
DESIGN |  I started with the idea of arranging elements by color. There are two dominant colors in the Cienna collection that I love – buttercup yellow and mint. I added the splash of pink down the center to emphasize the title.
To create the painted ombre effect in the center I used the Jillibean Happy Hues paint in Precocious Pink and then a simple line of mango Gelato paint that I blended into the acrylic paint. This painted base makes the large white title pop.
The yellow and mint sides are filled with bits and pieces from the Cienna collection, exclusives from past kits (cork, acrylic and flair) and 4 rectangles of patterned paper.
Separating elements by color is a fun way to include an eclectic mix of supplies on a page and frame a favorite photo!

July 20, 2015

Watercolors + Kits

HelloRain collection | Scraptastic Darlene Kit - April 2015

story | I used the Darlene Kit and Add-on to create this page about a vacation moment. It rained every single day while we were in Florida and I remember taking this picture during the daily monsoon. 

design | I hand-cut the raindrops and the used watercolors to add a nice soft look to the shapes. Using watercolor paper was really important because the shapes remained sturdy even after adding water and paint. After letting them dry for a free hours, I strung them to make rows of colorful rain. Adding a large flower and some text added a pop of color and texture to the strands. 

HelloRaindetail The Darlene kit has a beautiful range of colors in coral, mint and gold. Colors and a feel that I would probably never put together on my own. That's what I love about kits, they push me to stretch creatively!